grunt-autoprefixer breaks my code (theme)

2014-05-17 10:50:46

#12452 adds grunt-autoprefixer this also means the less code is not any longer pre-fixed.
Unprefixed Less code breaks my WordPress theme.
The JBST WordPress theme ( is based on Bootstrap 3. The theme also has a built-in Less compiler. The Less compiler has been build with less.php (

The theme includes / imports bootstrap.less and compiles the theme's css. Other Less code in the theme also depends of Bootstrap's Less, for instance of the Bootstrap's gradient mixins.

I found already, but also these tool depends on node.js. The WordPress theme should only depend on PHP.

Adding the autoprefixer in the build process makes compiling Bootstrap's CSS dependent of node.js (and grunt), i understand the profits but for my it is a bad idea now.

NB also usage / compiling of for instance becomes dependent of node.js now

2014-05-17 19:43:05

Bootstrap v3 has always depended on node.js and we've only ever officially supported our Grunt-based build toolchain. We don't officially support other Less compilers because they tend to significantly lag behind less.js feature-wise.
We currently simply don't have the resources or the interest to try to support alternative build toolchains.

So, we're sorry that Bootstrap is not as well-suited to your particular use-case, but we never made any relevant build tool compatibility claims in the first place.

2014-05-17 20:08:08

Also, the Autoprefixer doesn't have much effect presently (besides adding some -o- prefixes even though we don't officially support Presto-based Opera) because, per our docs:

To preserve backwards-compatibility, Bootstrap will continue to use the [vendor prefixing] mixins internally until Bootstrap v4.

And likewise, for backward-compatibility, we have not deleted the vendor prefixing mixins; they will remain until v4.

But going forward in v3, new Bootstrap features may rely on the Autoprefixer without adding new vendor prefix mixins, so yes, as time goes on, folks trying to use other build tools will indeed need to grapple with this issue.

Such is the peril of going outside the boundaries of what is officially supported.

2014-05-17 22:38:55

@cvrebert thanks for your clear explanation. I understand, but also think it is a pity. Now i will have to port the autoprefixer to php (or wordpress to node.js).

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