select multiple does not render properly

2011-09-14 12:25:04

A multiselect

<select ... multiple="multiple">

does not render properly.


2011-09-14 15:58:40

Good catch. Added CSS to forms.less and example markup to our doc in 1.3.

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class naming inconsistencies

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Suggested Spilt of files

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tab-content div overlaps ul - pre makes everything go grey

Thx for Bootstrap, it rocks :-) If I put a <pre> inside the tab-content <div> under the tabs <ul>, the whole area (inclu
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Tabs - History

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Validator Plugin for Bootstrap

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Topbar not performing as per example

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container-fluid inside topbar causes extra-height on ie

Is this the right way to do it? Looks ok on firefox and chrome
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Bootstrap can't be built with the less ruby gem

betelgeuse@mac ~/checkouts/bootstrap $ make build /Users/betelgeuse/.rvm/gems/ree-1.8.7-2011.03/gems/less-2.0.6/lib/less
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When linking to an internal anchor, top bit hidden underneath header

When you use the sticky top bar on a page and link to an ID in that page (page#blah), the top X pixels of that ID'd cont
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